Aquarius Horoscope: Week of Nov 20-26, 2023

Every journey, regardless of its nature, usually begins with a sense of excitement. Perhaps it’s because traveling is a process of discovering new aspects of oneself. Everyone wants to encounter a different version of themselves. However, constantly being caught up in the hectic daily grind doesn’t offer much opportunity to meet this new self. It’s by choosing a path or a way of life different from the routine that you stumble upon aspects of yourself that you never knew existed.

On November 22, as the Sun moves into Sagittarius, the ‘foundation’ of our daily fortunes changes. Furthermore, on November 24, Mars, the planet of passion, also seems to follow the Sun into Sagittarius. This week marks the beginning of ‘Sagittarius season’, gaining momentum rapidly. The world will be enveloped in an atmosphere of expansiveness and energy. Amidst this, you, Aquarius, are likely to embark on a new journey. A journey of discovering a new self starts this week.

For example, in your professional life,

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