Pisces Horoscope: Week of Nov 20-26, 2023

This week, on November 22, as the Sun moves into Sagittarius, the ‘foundation’ of our daily fortunes changes. Furthermore, on November 24, Mars, the planet of passion, also seems to follow the Sun into Sagittarius. This week marks the beginning of ‘Sagittarius season’, rapidly gaining momentum. The world will be enveloped in an atmosphere of expansiveness and energy.

Amidst this, the Sun is preparing a grand stage for you, Pisces. Your past efforts are guided by the Sun to culminate in significant results and recognition. You might experience the realization that what you’ve built with relentless effort appears before you as a construct much larger than you ever imagined. The accumulation of your efforts might lead to such significant outcomes or opportunities that you wonder, ‘Did I really create this?’ This week symbolizes the time when ‘effort is rewarded’.

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