For Aries: Foundation Fortune Brought by the Sun in Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21, 2023)

The sun, which evenly traverses the 12 zodiac signs over approximately 365 days, plays a role in providing people with a ‘daily foundation’. For instance, planets like Saturn and Jupiter travel through the 12 zodiac signs at a pace of 12 to 30 years, with their influences slowly affecting individuals. On the other hand, the sun, which shifts zodiac signs once a month, shapes one’s daily life ‘foundation’ fortune. And on November 22 at 9:02 a.m., the sun will move into Sagittarius. The sun will then stay in Sagittarius for a month until December 21, shaping the fortunes that become people’s ‘foundation’. This month, due to the sun’s influence, Aries will likely have a growing desire for the ‘unknown’ and a longing for ‘distant places’. The conclusion for Aries this month is that ties will form with people, jobs, and things previously considered distant and unrelated. This month is when such miracles happen. To be specific,

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