For Sagittarius: Foundation Fortune Brought by the Sun in Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21, 2023)

On November 22, the sun moves into your zodiac sign, Sagittarius. This heralds the arrival of the “Sagittarius season” – essentially, your season. As the sun continues its journey circling all 12 zodiac signs in a year, the concept of “Solar Return” is when the sun returns to the position where it was when someone was born. While this idea closely aligns with birthdays, it symbolizes the sun returning home after its year-long voyage, marking an individual’s addition of another year to their age, representing rebirth. For Sagittarius individuals, you will experience your Solar Return within this month. From November 22 to December 21, this one-month period signifies a time when the fortune of the sun directly shines upon those of the Sagittarius sign.

During this “Sagittarius season”, when the spotlight is on you, it’s also a time when all your past efforts and endeavors bear fruit. If there’s something you’ve been seeking or have pursued patiently, possibly for years, this period hints at its culmination or blossoming.

Moreover, there’s a powerful astrological tailwind coming for you, Sagittarius. This is because during the time the sun stays in Sagittarius, two other planets will also reside in Sagittarius. First, just two days after the sun moves into Sagittarius, Mars, the planet of passion, joins it. This implies a boost to your motivation, desires, and courage. While the “Sagittarius season” is when all your previous efforts come to fruition, Mars will further amplify this fruitful period.

Additionally, until December 1,

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