For Leo: Mars Ignites Your Desires and Passions (Nov 24, 2023 – Jan 4, 2024)

On November 24, 2023, Mars, the planet that instills passion in people, will move into Sagittarius. Mars will spend approximately a month and a half in Sagittarius, until January 4, 2024. During this month and a half, Mars will stimulate the desire for “potential” that you, as a Leo, possess. As a result, you might find yourself questioning, “Is this really the extent of my abilities?” “Don’t I have capabilities I haven’t utilized yet?” “Will my future be set in stone at this rate?” Such feelings may arise because Mars seeks to expand your potential. It’s fair to say that by generating desires, questions, and impatience, Mars is driving you towards the untapped potential you hold. Mars has the role of igniting emotions that lie dormant deep within people’s hearts. This can be called passion or even a burning desire; it’s a fervent energy that makes Leos feel they can’t continue the same way and pushes them into action. In other words,

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