For Libra: Mars Ignites Your Desires and Passions (Nov 24, 2023 – Jan 4, 2024)

On November 24, Mars, the planet that infuses people with passion, will move into Sagittarius. Mars will remain in Sagittarius for about a month and a half until January 4, 2024. Mars stimulates your desire for ‘society’, Libra. This means a heightened passion and desire to engage with others. Desires like wanting to know what people think, wanting to understand the course of society, wanting to know how you are perceived, and wanting to know what lies ahead in life, intensify. Likely, as this period unfolds, you’ll find more opportunities to converse actively with those around you. This isn’t just through direct conversations; you’re expected to reach out to many via texts, such as SNS or email. Amidst this, a strong desire emerges to convey your words. By delivering these words and seeing the reactions, you’ll gain a better understanding of the world. When I say ‘delivering words’,

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