For Scorpio: Mars Ignites Your Desires and Passions (Nov 24, 2023 – Jan 4, 2024)

Scorpio, during the time Mars stayed in your zodiac sign, Scorpio, you must have been greatly infused with a passion to “move forward to new things”. However, there might have been some Scorpios who felt impatient, wanting to move forward but couldn’t, or their passion getting ahead of them.

On November 24, 2023, Mars, the planet that pours passion into people, will move to Sagittarius. Mars will remain in Sagittarius until January 4, 2024. The passion Mars bestows upon Scorpio will transition to the next phase. During this period, your passion will seem to be directed towards the “real matters” of the world.

The “real matters” referred to here are not vague or fuzzy concepts but realistic ones that can be represented by numbers. For instance, in the realm of work, new businesses, new methods, new clients; ways and ideas that may overturn previous stable jobs. There’s a chance to encounter new people and information.

In addition to work, there’s also an implication of a rising passion to step out into society from your current position, whether through hobbies or volunteering. In this sense, it’s a “time when passion for work increases”, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say it’s a “period when financial fortune increases”. Alternatively,

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