For Sagittarius: Mars Ignites Your Desires and Passions (Nov 24, 2023 – Jan 4, 2024)

On November 24, Mars, the planet which fills people with passion, will move into your sign, Sagittarius. Mars will remain in Sagittarius until January 4, 2024, for approximately a month and a half. When a planet stays in your sign, it signifies that the fate ruled by that planet will strongly influence you. Imagine the passionate planet, Mars, coming into Sagittarius; this means the passion and energy it governs will be directly poured onto you. Mars stimulates your desires. It propels you towards what you want and where you believe things should be. Mars provides a powerful force to achieve things. While various factors, such as help from others, timing, and luck, can influence achievement, the most crucial element is one’s actions. And it is passion that drives action. As you act driven by passion, the environment around you changes, and that’s where fate comes into play. For those Sagittarians thinking of starting something or taking on a challenge, know that this approximate month and a half is a period when you’ll be flooded with energy. Moreover,

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