SOLARITA is a new “day-by-day” fortune-telling service that combines Western astrology and Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese zodiac).
For example, important events such as new and full moons, planetary transits and aspects, phases of the moon, and seasonal and calendar changes are reported in real time. We will then tell you how they will affect your fortune.

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1. Your unique SOLARITA-type

Combining Western Astrology and Chinese zodiac, We will tell you your unique SOLARITA-type from a total of 120 patterns, and give you a detailed report on the characteristics of your destiny.

2. Daily fortune card

This is a card that tells your daily fortune from two perspectives: Western astrology and Four Pillar of Destiny (Chinese zodiac).

3. Customized Articles

You will receive articles according to your astrological sign, Chinese zodiac sign, and SOLARITA-type.

4. Customized Newsletter

You will receive two or three newsletters a week (if you wish to receive them) with weekly fortunes, planetary transits, and other information based on your zodiac sign and SOLARITA-type.

If you subscribe to SOLARITA Premium ($8/month, tax included), you can access all articles and get more detailed fortune

When your fortune changes due to astrological events or seasonal changes such as eclipses, supermoons, planetary shifts, etc., you will receive individualized articles of fortune that match your zodiac sign and SOLARITA-type.

You can cancell SOLARITA Premium at any time. If you cancel your subscription, you will not be able to read the articles for Premium members at that time.

The information provided by SOLARITA, whether free or paid, is not to be considered advice or counsel of any type, whether medical, legal, psychological, economic, or otherwise. It may not be used as a premise for decision-making or as advice by other professionals. This service is of an entertainment nature, providing information from the perspective of fortune telling, Western astrology, the Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese zodiac), and Eastern calendars.