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  • NEWS

    Mercury Retrograde begins on Apr 21: Stretching to expand the range of destiny.

    At 4:35 AM on April 21, 2023, Mercury begins its retrograde motion. Mercury goes retrograde until May 14. Mercury is the planet that governs communication, language, and exchange, and its retrograde motion will adjust these destinies. By going retrograde, Mercury will adjust these aspects of our daily lives. This causes a jolt and a glitch in our daily communication. Misunderstandings, miscommunications, undelivered emails, and mistakes in sending messages; this is also a time when PC and smartphone problems are likely to occur. There may also be problems at work, such as submitting a project only to have it overlooked or having a critical opinion slip through the cracks. The important…

  • NEWS

    April 19 Annular Solar Eclipse: A Gateway to the Reversal of Fate in Eclipse Season

    A total Solar Eclipse occurs at midnight on April 19, 2023. This phenomenon occurs when a new moon, which has lost its light, overlaps the sun, as if the moon is “devouring” the sun. Astrologically, there are various interpretations of “eclipse,” but many associate it with “sudden” events. After all, the sun and moon are momentarily “devoured.” It isn’t far-fetched to suggest mysterious forces suddenly erupt during this time. Rapid changes, swift progression, and abrupt exposure of fate are different ways to describe the intensity of an eclipse characterized by a sudden reversal in destiny. Furthermore, this Solar Eclipse is an annular eclipse, where the sun’s flames burn intensely from…

  • NEWS

    Sun enters Taurus on Apr 20: Transforming possibilities born so far into reality.

    At 4:13 AM on April 20, 2023, the Sun moves into Taurus, where it will remain until May 21. Since the Sun moved into Aries on March 20, astrologically, a new annual cycle began. Aries represents the “world of beginnings,” and the month the Sun spends in this sign is a time when things are reborn. The Sun’s month-long stay in Taurus is about turning the “possibilities” which were born during Aries season into reality. The Sun takes 365 days to travel through all 12 zodiac signs, which represents a growth story. Aries signifies the “infant” stage, while Taurus represents the “toddler” phase. After the world of pure “possibility” is…

  • NEWS

    Apr 17, 2023: We enter “Spring Doyo”. As the seasons change from spring to summer, so does your fortune.

    On April 17, 2023, we enter the period called Doyo in the Eastern calendar. This period lasts until May 5, and the end of Doyo marks the beginning of the first day of summer. Doyo means “the period when the four seasons switch. Therefore, there is a Doyo at the end of each spring, summer, fall, and winter season. And this Doyo is called “Spring Doyo,” the period of changeover from spring to summer. Similarly, the changeover period from summer to autumn is called the Summer Doyo, and the changeover period from autumn to winter is called the Autumn Doyo. Doyo refers to the time of year when the “Earth”…

  • NEWS

    Venus Enters Gemini on Apr 11: Embrace Radiance in Everyday Life Amidst Challenging Times

    Venus is the planet that rejuvenates the world people experience. Often referred to as the planet of love, Venus more accurately generates emotions such as “crush” and “excitement” by revitalizing the world people interact with. Imagine the happiness felt when wrapped in sun-dried sheets or the mixture of joy and fear that overcomes a child seeing the ocean for the first time. Venus has the power to illuminate the world. Venus will reside in Gemini from April 11 to May 7. Over these 27 days, there’s a suggestion that words and plans may create new “excitement” and “crush.” It’s crucial to share thoughts and ideas with others and society as…

  • NEWS

    Pink Moon on Apr. 5: A fulfilling moon, basking in the luck of Jupiter.

    April 5th: Pink Moon! A fulfilling moon that basks in the luck of Jupiter. On the night of April 5th, we welcome the full moon. This full moon, born in the constellation of Libra, is also known as the Pink Moon among Native Americans. It signifies the season of the full moon when pink flowers, such as moss phlox, are in full bloom. Since the Sun moved into Aries on the spring equinox of March 20th, we are now in the astrological new year. The Sun can be considered to be in a newly reborn state. A full moon occurs when the Moon and the Sun face each other directly…

  • NEWS

    April 2023 Horoscope

    Although not as intense as March, April still has noteworthy astrological events to consider. On April 20th, a total solar eclipse occurs, marking the beginning of a month-long “eclipse season” with alternating solar and lunar eclipses. This can be a time of sudden changes in destiny. Additionally, in the latter half of April, the Sun moves into Taurus, and the world begins to seek more stable footing amidst chaos. In March, major planetary shifts occurred with Saturn and Pluto, and the real world is also undergoing significant transitions. Amidst the confusion of 2023, please check your April horoscope to see what’s in store for you! If you don`t know your…

  • NEWS

    Mercury enters Taurus on Apr. 3: Renew your communication with a long term stay.

    On April 3 at 12:22 pm, Mercury moves into Taurus. Mercury stays in Taurus for over two months, until June 11, shaping how people communicate. Usually, Mercury stays in a sign for about three weeks, but this time it will remain in Taurus for over three times as long. This is because Mercury will retrograde in the middle of the month. Mercury first moves in the right direction, then retrograde and backward for some distance. After the retrograde period, Mercury will return to the right direction and move on to the next zodiac sign. In other words, it spends three times more time than usual, going back and forth in…

  • NEWS

    Mars enters Cancer on Mar. 25: At a turning point in time, passion drives your destiny.

    On March 25 at 7:45 AM, 2023, Mars, the planet of passion, moves into Cancer. Mars remains in the sign of Cancer until May 20. Mars is said to be the planet that gives people passion. It is intense and can come in many forms, sometimes as a focus for events, sometimes as an obsession with a loved one, and sometimes as frustration with the lack of progress in one’s life. Because of its intensity, it was considered a “bad planet” in ancient astrology, but this is not the case at all, and few astrologers today would think so. So what exactly is Mars’ wrath supposed to bring us? We…

  • NEWS

    Pluto enters Aquarius on Mar. 23, 2023: Turning point in time and the metamorphosis of the next 21 years begins.

    On March 23, 2023, Pluto moves into Aquarius, ending its previous 16-year stay in Capricorn. Pluto will then remain in Aquarius for 21 long years until January 2044. Pluto is a very slow-moving planet; it takes about 248 years to circle the 12 zodiac signs. Pluto spends 12 to 32 years in each sign. Staying in a sign for such a long time means it has a slow and long-lasting effect on our destiny. It is not like Venus or Mercury, which make dizzying changes in our daily lives, but more like a slow stirring of the deepest places of our destiny. Pluto brings “destruction and creation” to people. Like…