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  • NEWS

    Your fortune for the year of the “癸卯 The Water Rabbit” (2023.2/3 – 2024.2/3) by Four Pillars of Destiny

    The Chinese zodiac changes to the Year of the Rabbit on February 3, 2023. In terms of the Four Pillars of Destiny, the yearly fortunes will completely change here. Many people know that 2023 is the year of the Rabbit, but to be precise, it is the year of “癸卯 (The Water Rabbit).” Originally, the Chinese zodiac consisted of 60 patterns, combining 10 elements called the celestial signs of the zodiac with the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. These zodiac signs rotate in a regular cycle every year, making a full circle in 60 years. This is the reason why in Eastern cultures, the 60th birthday is celebrated as…

  • NEWS

    Horoscope for the first half of 2023 (Jan -Jun).

    The first half of 2023 (Jan – Jun) is a very important period in terms of astrology. The first reason for this is Saturn’s zodiacal shift: on March 7, Saturn, the planet of trial and tribulation, will leave Aquarius and move into Pisces. Saturn’s move is the first major event in two and a half years, which means that the trials of the past couple of years will come to an end, and a new stage will be set. Your trial and difficulties, which seemed to last forever, will soon come to an end. Next, Pluto, the planet of “death and rebirth,” moves into Aquarius. Pluto has been in Capricorn…

  • NEWS

    Snow Moon is born on Feb. 5: This full moon is so passionate that the snow melts.

    On February 5th at 1:28 p.m. we have a full moon called the Snow Moon. It is called this because it is born in the freezing cold season, but in fact the inner side of this snow moon glows hot with boiling passion. The full moon is a phenomenon in which the moon and the sun are facing each other, and at this time Mars, the planet of passion, will be in resonance with the snow moon. Mars is a planet that pours passion and desire into people, sometimes creating jealousy and anger. By bringing strong emotions into people, it creates a sense of “I can’t go on like this…

  • NEWS

    February 2023 Horoscope

    Astrologically, 2023 is a turbulent year. And February is likely to be a period of great foreshadowing. With the Sun and Saturn overlapping for the first time in a year, the end of a long ordeal is about to become apparent. Various things that have accumulated up to now should soon be sublimated in a big way. Select your zodiac sign below to see what February 2023 has in store for you! If you don`t know your Sun sign or Four Pillars type, you can find out by registering for free on the  SOLARITA website. February 2023 Horoscope 2023 Horoscope For Aries: February 2023 Horoscope For Taurus: February 2023 Horoscope For Gemini:…

  • NEWS

    Venus enters Pisces on Jan. 26, 2023: Creating the possibility of mysterious encounters.

    Venus is said to be the planet of love. This is correct, but Venus is actually a planet that influences not only love, but also work and daily life. Venus is the planet that brings new life to the world in which we live our daily lives. Like a child seeing the ocean for the first time, it brings people pure joy mixed with emotion, excitement, and a little fear. In the case of love, it leads to encounters that bring feelings of “crush,” and in the case of work, it prepares us for encounters with projects that bring feelings of “excitement.” And from January 26 to February 20, Venus…

  • NEWS

    Jan 21, 2023: The first New moon of the year brings “metamorphosis.”

    On January 21, 2023, the first new moon of the year will be born. It is often said that it is good to make wishes and vows at the new moon, because the new moon is just before a new beginning. It is a vacuum, so to speak, in which the past has been exhausted. People’s wishes and vows are sucked into this vacuum, and a new beginning is born with the faint moonlight. In other words, the new moon is a time of change, a time of resetting, and a time of separation. That is why the Eastern people in the past decided to begin a new year with…

  • NEWS

    Uranus, the planet of transformation, will take 8 years to move the world, and lead people to transformation.

    Uranus is the planet of transformation. It takes 84 years for Uranus to circle the 12 signs of the zodiac. In other words, it takes almost as long as a man’s life to go around all the signs of the zodiac. It stays in one zodiac sign for seven or eight years. During this period, the combination of the atmosphere of that zodiac sign and the luck of change brought by Uranus will create great changes unique to its era. Uranus has been in Taurus since it moved into the sign in 2018 (then temporarily returned to Aries) and will continue to stay there until 2026. Over this long period…

  • NEWS

    Sun moves into Aquarius on Jan. 20! Clear air fills the world in this month.

    On January 20 at 3:29 AM, the Sun moves into Aquarius. Aquarius is a crystal clear world. There is no hiding and everything shines clear. Words go straight ahead without being disturbed by constraints. Thoughts are free from distractions and reach their essence at once. The biggest obstacle to accomplishing events is, in fact, one’s own mind. Of course, unexpected incidents and betrayals of others occur in life, but in the end, the most important thing in a person’s life is how he or she perceives such events. It is often the case that a new path can be created by taking a positive view of the trouble that arises.…

  • NEWS

    Mercury retrograde ends on Jan 18: Having completed its “Adjustment of Destiny”, it’ll be in its full power to connect people.

    Mercury, which has been retrograde since December 29, 2022, will turn back to the right direction at 8:12 am on January 18, 2023. Mercury retrograde for about three weeks, through year end and new-year holidays, will finally come to an end. During this period, some may have experienced miscommunications, misunderstandings and disputes, undelivered or misdirected e-mails and messages, PC and phone troubles, etc., but that will be over now. Mercury has finished adjusting communication through retrograde and will now be connecting people at full power. Having shaken off the stagnation caused by retrograde, Mercury will be working at full force from now until February 11 to circulate people’s words, thoughts,…

  • NEWS

    Venus enters Aquarius on Jan. 2, 2023: Your “crush” will usher in a new year.

    On January 2, 2023, Venus moves into Aquarius. Venus will spend less than a month in Aquarius until January 26. Venus is said to be the planet of love. That is not wrong, but the truth is that Venus is a planet that affects not only love, but also work and daily life. Venus is a planet that has the role of bringing the world that people touch back to life in a fresh way. Like a child seeing the ocean for the first time, for example, it brings people pure joy mixed with emotion, excitement, and a little fear. In the case of love, it leads to encounters that…